At BALLÖOM, everything is made with love and delivered to your door with all the happiness that went into the planning & creating! From our one-of-a-kind props and rentals to our lush balloon garlands and our oversized balloons, all the way to the little details like our handmade confetti and tassels. We’re up to date with the latest trends and arrangements, and we love the challenge of creating something new! We work with custom colours and custom arrangements too! Our current range of products include balloon garlands, personalized jumbo balloons & super fun party packages!


We value honesty and integrity. We will treat each other, those we partner with and our customers with kindness and respect. We strive to learn, improve, adapt and innovate. We are committed to leading the way in what we do.


We believe in cake, in joy, thankfulness and celebrating all the little things in life; from watching a beautiful sunset or enjoying a "nice cream",  to the bigger things, like celebrating a milestone birthday or wedding! We love what we do and we are passionate about being joy-makers. We will always dream big and take risks to make people's lives happier and full of colour! 


Behind BALLÖOM is Tami, a young female entrepreneur from Montreal.

Growing up with an all-doing, entrepreneurial single mother, Tami found herself inspired to also one day be her own boss. Her mother operated a clothing store throughout her childhood, which allowed Tami to develop entrepreneurial skills at a very young age that she uses today.

Prior to launching Ballöom, Tami studied Cinema and Communications at Dawson College followed by the completion of her bachelor’s degree in Business Communications at Université de Montréal. After University, she completed an Interior Design certificate which was instrumental in developing the identity behind Ballöom's design. She is also a polyglot which assists in communications with Montreal’s diverse population. Using these flexible social skills to network, Tami has gotten BALLÖOM to provide its services to many known businesses and brands.

Tami has a very entrepreneurial and driven personality that helps her run BALLÖOM. Among these qualities is her extroversion, which allows her to be very sociable with current and prospective customers and has given her an edge in understanding and interpreting people and how to adapt to each individual and their needs.

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